This year marks seven years since I’ve been the owner of the pharmacy and
we decided to celebrate the seventh year because of the significance of the number 7; God’s perfect number. When Joshua led the children of Israel to conquer Jericho, they marched around Jericho one time for six consecutive days and on the seventh day, the march around Jericho six times and on the seventh time they made a shout and they conquered Jericho.

This is our Jericho moment, a time to give thanks and to give back to our customers, partners and our host community. We began our week of celebrations on August 27 with a church service at The Church of God of Prophecy on Levy Lane in Mandeville followed by a staff function at Golfview Hotel.

The week’s activities continued with a series of patient education sessions each evening from Monday August, 28 to Thursday August, 31. We felt it was important to host these sessions during which our customers and anyone who wished to attend could engage with various clinicians on topics of interest.

Monday’s presenter was Dr. Gavin Henry, ophthalmologist who is well known to our customers as he carries on a practice here at the Gateway Medical Complex.
Dr. Henry presented on eyecare focusing on glaucoma; diagnosis, management and treatment. On Tuesday, we discussed weight management and our presenters were Dr, Renee Clarke and Kevin Clarke, the principals of Dykal.

On Wednesday, another of our resident doctors; dermatologist, Dr. Carol Burrell presented on general skin care and common ailments.
On the final evening, psychologist Dr. Doreth Garvey who also has an office at Gateway Medical Complex presented on mental wellness. The sessions were sponsored each day by; Aristopharma, Denk Pharma, Glenmark and Indus Life Sciences and representatives from the companies also made presentations to the audience on various drugs used in the treatment of the ailments
and conditions discussed.

On Friday September 1st we hosted grand health fair in the parking lot which was broadcasted live on radio all day. We had FYAH 105 in the morning from 6am to 11am, gospel artiste Carey Sayles delivered a stellar live performance during this timeslot., MELLO FM from 11am to 2pm and RJR 94 from 1pm to 5pm.
During the health fair patrons were able to get blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, ECG, eye test, Body Mass Index, Haemoglobin and HIV tests all free of charge. The health fair was sponsored by the National Health Fund and The Manchester Health Department.

In addition, a number of our partner drug companies set up booths displaying their products on offer to attendees. We closed off our week of celebration with a party, patrons danced to the groovy music provided by British Squad and DJ Rush, coupled with live performances by The Jamaican Singer, Voice Mail and
Delomar/ RDX ‘Gateway Pharmacy, the gateway to your health’

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